Understanding The Sections Inside CPU

1. Motherboard

The motherboard is the place of various electronic components or a series of connected components such as Processor, Chipset, RAM, hard drive, VGA, Optical Disk drives, Power Supply, Sound Card Motherboard serves to connect. each such computer components to communicate with each other. Every motherboard has its specifications, specifications such as processor what it supports and what the maximum RAM capacity supported by the motherboard.

2. Processor is the brain of the motherboard. The location of the processor is on the socket/slor processor in a motherboard. The function of the processor is the heart of all computer system at work.


This is the bus chipset controller as the main memory, cache and PCI Controller. In the Chipset there is a MICROCHIP designed to work together to perform a specific function. Public function chipset was set data flow between components attached motherboard


The main memory is RAM on the CPU. RAM RAM slot is located on the Motherboard. The function of the RAM is temporary storage memory when the computer is running.


VGA (Video Graphic Adapter) or the graphics card hardware is a computer that serves as a graphical data processing before being displayed to the monitor.


The hard disk is the secondary storage on the CPU. Layout of a hard disk is in the CPU casing, usually under the floppy disk. The function of the hard disk is where the permanent storage of all data in the save on the computer.

7.Optical Disk Drive

Optical disk drives more known as CD/DVD ROM, is a device used for reading and menullis CD/DVD. It contains the optical drive is a CD-ROM drive, CD-RW drive, DVD-ROM drive, and a DVD-RW drive

8.Power Supply

Power Supply is the source of energy from the CPU. The location of the Power Supply is in the CPU casing at the top of the motherboard. The function of the Power Supply is to supply power to the components of the motherboard so that the PC can be turned on.