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Significance of Flowers

A flower is known to many with its trait of beauty. Whatever attracts the eye is associated with a flower and beauty. Scientists refer to a flower as a seed bearing plant with the male and female reproductive organs, which is the stamen and the carpel, surrounded by colorful petals. Flowers are significant in our lives today in the following ways

Flowers can be used for security purposes. In areas where landscaping is done live fencing is a common factor. Flowers used in live fencing have got thorns that prevent intrudes from going past them. Natural security can be provided by planting thorny and dense flowers under your window. Rosebushes and firethorns are good examples of such flowers that you can plant for natural security purposes.

In the manufacture of clothing and jewelries, you can use flowers. It provides natural beauty which is spectacular. Many fashion houses today choose to use flowers to add details on their clothes and jewelries. This makes it very simple but attractive. This gives the clothes a natural look. Kid jewelries are mostly made from flowers, they include bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants. Flowers are mostly associated with the girl child and that’s why most of their jewelries are made from flowers.
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Some pestisides are manufactured from flowers. Flowers are well know to attract insects but some flowers repel insects. Flowres that produce pyrethrins are good examples of insect repellant flowers. When the flowers get dried, oil and powder is extracted from them to give us a natural insecticide. Such flowers include species of marigold used in the manufacture of nematode repellants and chrysanthemum flowers which has pyrethrins.
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Drugs, both traditional and modern are made from flowers and plants even though most of the drugs are extracted from flowers. When using the traditional means, you can just go and pick the drug and chew it or boil it and drink it so as to get cured. Today one has to wait for the drug to be extracted from the flower using chemical means so as to get cured. An example of a medicinal flower is the peek-a-boo plant that is used to cure toothaches.

Happiness is a medicine, mostly cures the heart and soul. It is more of psychological in that a smile gotten from happiness cures many problems such as stress. Children often get happy when they see flowers, therefore it is a form of entertainment to them. Adults use different flowers to communicate because each flower color speaks a different message. Flowers are offered to show peace, love, offer condolences and also for apology.

In conclusion, flowers are important to us. Its not about what we see or smell in flowers but they also carry messages. In some way they are important to us in a way that we cannot tell both physically and mentally.