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What are Bair Hugger Blankets Used For?

You may be wondering what are bair hugger warming blankets; well, wonder no more because we are going to let you know all about these bair hugger warming blankets. Your body’s temperature gets abnormally low when you are in surgery so these bair hugger warming blankets can keep you warm. There have been other methods of keeping patients warm during surgery but this bair hugger warming blanket was found to be the most efficient in keeping patients warm during surgery. Because people who go through surgery usually loose their body heat or they become ‘hypothermic’, which can lead to problems such as infections or blood loss, a way to warm patients in the operation room is vital. Because of this specific reason, these bair hugger warming blankets where first studied and then used in hospitals to keep their patients warm while going through surgery.

While these bair hugger blankets help keep patients warm, some studies show that these bair hugger blankets can spread infection so it is not to be use in surgeries such as knee or joint replacements. These critical reviews were later dissolved when newer studies showed that these bair hugger warming blankets do not spread infections. Let us now look at how the bair hugger warming blankets are used to warm patients.

The bair hugger blanket is what it says it is; it is a disposable blanket that can be filled with warm air that comes from the bair hugger unit. This blanket is wrapped around the patient during the surgery all the way till the end of the surgery. The warm air in the blanket circulates throughout the blanket to keep all the parts of the patient warm and safe from hypothermia. Pressure points are also created into these bair hugger warming blankets to keep a patients body safe from any burns or sores because of weak tissue. Fluids are flushed into the blanket from time to time going underneath the bair hugging warming blanket. This fluid helps eliminate cooling from happening because of a lot of heat loss from the disposable blanket.
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There have been a lot of patients who have benefited from this bair hugger warming blankets. These bair hugger warming blankets are used only once for only one patient so the risk of spreading infections is not to be worried about. Now a patient may stay warm during surgery and avoid any risk of blood loss or other injuries. Before going through with a surgery, make sure to ask the doctors if they are going to use a bair hugger warming blanket and you may be able to request that they use one for your surgery. Pretty cool blankets if I might say so myself; I hope you enjoyed learning about these really cool bair hugger warming blankets.Finding Similarities Between Options and Life