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The Futuristic Ideas on Progress Today The progress in technology has been continuous over the years bringing new opportunities. Life seems to improve with each phase of technology starting from the ancient crude technologies to the modern, sophisticated technologies. This is why transhumans believe that human beings can improve their capacities through advanced technologies. This technology is not just the best gadget that has super utility features, but technologies that also deal with the human body. They are innovations that will eliminate illnesses and offer quality product to every person including those with shaky financial background. Advanced technologies make life better in the developed countries. Things are in sharp contrast when you focus on developing countries where some people are deprived of basic needs. The life of each person would be better if the sophisticates technologies are within reach of every person. The futuristic view of the transhumans on technology is based on many years to come. Though things that are anticipated to come after several years seems dim; time will answer everything. Human ingenuity will see any technology built so long as it is useful even though it takes long. As human beings gain more control of the atomic structure of matter, the ambitions to achieve more scientifically are raised. Facts now make it clear that it is now possible to make several modifications to the human body. Great achievements, general happiness and ease in life are some of the benefits of such technologies. A prime example is the internet which has made people connect worldwide and providing information in an unlimited way.
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The view of the average person towards transhumans technologies is that they are wild and untenable. These technologies have grown at a slower pace as ethical critic has amounted intense pressures. This resistance stage is, however, familiar with every wild technology despite its usefulness. A case example of transhumans technology is cryonics which is conservation of the human brain after the death of the said person. Future anticipation of revival are the basis of cryonics. Though current technology has not permitted revival; cryonics is available today. The only thing is to wait for that time no matter how many years will have to pass. The science has been tried with frogs that can revive latter through the molecular nanotechnology. The human body will be revived once sophisticated MNT are available.
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gene therapy has made it possible to replace the bad genes with good genes. Also, selective RNA interferences makes it possible to suppress the expression of a gene. Humans can, therefore, manipulate their genetic code. Scientists have conducted studies with mice where they have interfered with genes making the mice remain lean regardless of the volume or type of food consumed.