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Top Signs That Your Loved One Is Better Off in an Assisted Living

When the time comes that you need to decide to admit your loved one to an assisted living facility, it is one of those very emotional and challenging things you will have to face; but then again, you know deep in your heart that it is the right thing to do. The thought of assisted living crossed your mind from the time you realized mom or dad seems to have some difficulty doing the usual routines in their daily lives. There are several telltale signs that they may need help, even though you try so hard to deny it to yourself. Have they been forgetting some things more frequently? Are they taking them medications the way they’re supposed to?

Those are just some of the signs that they need help in the form of assisted living. But if you’re still not sold with the idea, let’s talk about some more of those signs below:

1 – The need for daily support is obvious.
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If you see that your loved one is already having a difficult time in performing daily living activities, particularly the simplest ones like bathing and grooming, it definitely means they will be living a lot more convenient if they are given the assistance they need.
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2 – Supposed your loved one no longer goes out to have a social life, it means a senior living community can help.

A very good sign of a lack of social life is being depressed or withdrawn to anyone. Yes, it may be true that the feeling of isolation is pretty normal for old folks, but it also does not mean they have to endure that kind of life. Even though their old age means it is better if they spend most of their time at home, it also doesn’t mean they completely will abandon a social life. With assisted living, they will be given the opportunity to mingle with other seniors and the staff. The environment presented by a community full of seniors is something that your loved one will surely appreciate and exchange for a isolation in his or her own home.

3 – If the primary concern you have about your loved one is safety, then consider enrolling him or her in an assisted living community.

Seniors are expected to have some type of memory loss or lapses. Because of these, there are things they might forget or leave behind, resulting to possible disasters like fire or flooding, thereby causing injury or even death. With assisted living on the other hand, you finally get the relief you’ve been looking for since your loved one will be assisted and taken care of by the community staff every single minute of their stay.