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Advantages Of Rapid Prototyping 3D printing refers to the manufacture of prototypes in their three-dimensional phase. Rapid prototyping or additive manufacturing are the other names used to refer to 3D printing. This process begins with the development and creation of a design from which the final product will be derived from. This is achieved by using a 3D scanner to take surround images of the object in question. This image is then transformed into a digital file from where copies of the original can then be derived from. Technological advancements have really shaped the production world especially with the introduction of rapid prototyping. The above can be attributed to the fact that companies that are actually doing well in this age and time have actually integrated this type of printing into their production phase.
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Rapid prototyping is also beneficial to companies since it helps reduce wastage of resources. For this reason, such businesses can be able to make more profits at the end of the day. Hence, large profit margins are achieved at the end of the day.
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In addition to this, additive manufacturing is important because it allows a developer to review his design before mass production begins. Therefore, one is given the opportunity of either correcting any defects that are present in the design, or improving on the initial concept. Due to the above-stated fact, only quality products come out of the production line. In addition to the above, a designer might not comprehensively understand what a client actually requires. Clients are always given the opportunity to view the concept designs so that they can highlight the type of adjustments they expect to be done. For this reason, customer satisfaction is realized and companies are able to retain their clients. For any manufacturing company, the production of any object begins only after initial concept designs have been perfected. With 3D printing, the above is made simpler and cheaper. Moreover with 3D printing, companies find the opportunity of testing their prototypes before mass production. After this has been ascertained, then mass production can begin. Because of this, companies reduce on losses but maximize profits. In addition to the above, additive manufacturing allows designers to produce custom made objects. Because of this, a sense of uniqueness is created and this makes items sell even more. Because of rapid prototyping, we can now handle a lot of tasks within a limited amount of time. It has made what was believed to be impossible, be possible. Therefore with 3D imaging, our future world will change for the better. It is only companies that make use of this new technology that will be able to thrive in days to come.